1968 Ford Mustang 428 Cobrajet





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story and history

I bought this 1968 Mustang GT Fastback 428 Cobra Jet (R-Code)a few years ago from a good friend. This was always a show car when he bought it she was just a trailer queen. The car has its numbers matching drivetrain but was never sorted after restoration so it could barely make it from the garage to the trailer without teething problems. One of my close friends wanted the car and upon receiving it the “sorting out” had begun. A few trips around the block and a plan we hatched to return a show car to the streets. The original 4 speed top loader transmission was being difficult so we decided to pull it out and have a specialist go through it. This was no easy task as parts for a top loader have long been used up. Luckily here in North Carolina,we found an “Old Timer” with a stash of parts in a long-closed shop willing to help. If you have a fresh transmission you might as well have a Hurst shifter to find the gears! Next on our list was the sound. The stock Cobra Jet just didn’t have that sound, you know that sound like the “Bullet” mustang made. Lots of research and advise was was given and the perfect combination of custom Headers and Borla exhaust gave us exactly what we were looking for and was a big job squeezing in the engine bay. A high torque starter was put in while we were at it. The handing of a 1968 Mustang leaves allot to desired by today’s standards. The factory manual steering box was replaced with a power steering during the restoration. The sloppy Mustang unit still left a lot to be desired! We replaced it with a close ration unit and swapped out the stock front springs to give this GT just the right stance. Now that we got the ride height perfect we moved on to find just the right wheels. We wanted the Bullet look but they had to have the proper offset and finish. Wheel Vintiques had exactly what we needed. Now we moved to the interior. The red interior was a rare option and was very well done so we only needed to do a little tweaking. A Bouncing tach needle is a pet peeve so we addressed the gauges first! next of the list was the steering wheel we needed a sporty look that was close to period correct so a wood LaCarrera was our pick. All the original parts were packed up and are included in the sale. We ended up with the mustang dreams are made of! The sound of the 428 is spot on, The feel of the shifter is perfect, the handling is fantastic, and the fit and finish are better than new! This is a rare chance to own a documented, Sorted GT Fastback with the haloed 428 Cobra Jet!





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