About k.watts & co.

“Cars are my passion, for me, they provoke memories and emotions of years gone by.”

Kevin Watts

More than 18 years ago I co-founded Road Scholars in Raleigh North Carolina to buy and sell the finest Porsches available. The company evolved to become sales, service, and restorations of Porsche cars. As Road Scholars grew it moved away from my passion, the cars!


Cars are my passion, for me, they provoke memories and emotions of years gone by. My earliest memories start in the back of our family’s Ford Country Squire station wagon with my siblings, and my mom threatened “Don’t make me come back there!” when we were goofing around on the way home from my grandparents. I love great cars and the stories behind them explaining how they could have survived the decades of weather and use.


Here at K. Watts and Company, you will see a variety of different makes, models, and vintages of classic cars and every single one of them will transport you back in time to the moment you first noticed one like it. When your neighbor, uncle, cousin, or the Doctor up the street drove past in that “exact same car!” The smell of the interior, the sparkle of the chrome, the shape of the body, and the sound, oh the sound that made you turn your head in the first place.


Every vintage car you see on the road survived because someone was passionate about it and cared for it. Think about how many times they drove by a car dealership and didn’t even think of stopping to trade it in.


Get ready: this is going to be an awesome journey down memory lane!