1967 Datsun 1600 Fairlady

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This is a true Japan spec 1967.5 Datsun 1600 Fairlady (SPL311) and is most likely the best and documented examples in existence. It was bought new in 1967 by a US Soldier named Jim who was stationed in Japan. A few months later, he had it shipped back to his home state of California and used it as his daily driver when he returned home in San Carlos. As time passed he tucked the car away till 1983 when he handed the car over to his son, Tom, who lived in Seattle. Tom enjoyed the car on the weekends. He eventually moved to New York in the late ’80s and brought the car with him. In 1991, he decided to get the car in top shape starting with going through the engine and eventually gave it a new paint job as this was going to be a car he planned on keeping forever. As Tom’s kids got older his daughter, Christine, took a liking in the car and enjoyed taking it out. She was now the one who drove it the most and when it came time to go to college she didn’t have the space to store it. In 2020, the family made the tough decision that it was time to let it go.


This example is a one-family-owned car from new with documents supporting every stage of its life. A number matching with all original body panels is a tough find these days. Factor in the fact that it starts up on every crank and drives as it was intended makes it an exceptional find. This would make any collector or enthusiast a proud new caretaker.


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